Arsenal’s transfer policy is quite simple: buy the best players and strengthen the team. The club has already managed to achieve this, so it’ll be quite difficult to stop. The main target of the new coach is the main star of the team, the Frenchman Alexis Sánchez.
The club has several options for the acquisition of the player, but the main one is a loan. The Gunners are interested in the player for a long time, but they’ve been unable to find a good solution for the transfer.
However, the club is quite confident that they”ll get the player. The player is quite expensive, so they“ll have to pay a high price for him. The team needs to strengthen its defense, which is one of the main weaknesses of the club.

The team has already strengthened its defense in the summer, so the club will have a good chance of succeeding. The new coach wants to make the team stronger, so he’d like to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper.
Arsenal transfer news:
The Gunners’ transfer policy has been quite simple for a while now, so there’re no big surprises. The most obvious thing is the fact that the club has bought a number of players for free.
One of the most obvious acquisitions is the midfielder Sokratis. The young player has already shown himself in the first team, so now the club can’t afford to lose him.
Another player who’scomes to the club for free is the defender Perisic. The Serbian has already impressed the team with his game, so Wenger has no problem in making him a permanent player.
Also, the Gunners have managed to get a good goalkeeper in Lukas Fabianski. The German goalkeeper has already proved himself in many matches, so his transfer will be quite easy.
Alexis Sánchevics transfer is also quite simple. The Frenchman has already become a main star in the team and has become a favorite of the fans. The problem is that he”s quite expensive.
But the club’shas managed to find an excellent solution for him: the player will be loaned to the team’spartner. The loan will be for a short period of time, so Sánchet will be able to show his skills and prove his worth to the fans again.
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What to know about Arsenal transfer rumors
The Arsenal transfer news are really interesting, so you can always find out the latest information about the team on the site. The fans can find out about the transfer of Lukas Podolski, the transfer news of Alexis Sándic, the transfers of Sokratisl, and many other interesting transfers.
At the moment, the team has a numberof players who can be considered as potential leaders. Among them are:
1. Sokratas. The youngster has already made a name for himself in his first season in the Arsenal lineup. He“ve already shown that he can be a leader for the team as well as a player. He can also become a good backup for Podolska.
2. Podolsky. The goalkeeper is a good option for the club, because he“d be able not to miss a single goal.
3. Podolskie potential.
4. Podliski potential. The coach has already found a good replacement for him in the young player, and he‘s already proved that he “can become a leader.
5. Podalskie skills.
6. Podalski potential. He has already showed himself in a number matches.
7. Podladlnik potential. A good option if the club needs to buy a new goalkeeper. The defender is a free transfer, so Arsenal will be allowed to buy him for a good price.
8. Podelnik potential, too. He is a very good defender, and the club won“t have to give him a good contract.
9. Podelski potential, although it‘ll be difficult to buy the player at a good cost.
10. Podilnik potential is also a good choice for the Gunner.
11. Podilski potential is a really good option, too, because the club already has a good number of defenders.
12. Podnarski potential can be used for the goalkeeper position.
13. Podnar is a promising young player who can become a great leader for Arsenal.
14. Podrincz potential. It“sscores a good possibility for the coach to get him.

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