The new Liverpool kit is already out and the players are showing their usual cool. The team is still not at the level of Manchester United, but it is already clear that the Reds are not going to be left behind.
The team has a number of new players who will help the team in the future. Here is a list of the most interesting players who have joined the Liverpool squad:
1. Moreno
The Spanish midfielder is a player who is already very popular among the fans. He has already scored a number goals for the team. Moreno is also a good defender and can also play on the left flank.
2. Salah
The Egyptian player is a good player in the attack. He scored a lot of goals for Liverpool in the previous season. He is also very good in the air and can score a lot from long distance.
3. Firmino
The Brazilian is a great player who can help the attack of the team and can be a good replacement for Salah. Firio is a very good striker who can score from any distance. He can also score from the penalty spot.
4. Firjan
The Bulgarian is a strong and dynamic defender who can also be used in the left side of the field. Firjano is a solid defender who is able to defend the whole field.
5. Firat
The Algerian player is the second goalkeeper of the club. He also has a good record of keeping clean sheets. Firate is a goalkeeper who is very good at keeping the ball.
6. Firsk
The Russian player is an excellent goalkeeper who can keep the ball and save the penalty. He scores a lot and is able not to lose his cool.
7. Sissoko
The Frenchman is a talented player who has already been used by the team for a long time. He was a member of the squad of the French team and was one of the leaders. He will be a great addition to the Liverpool team.
8. Milner
The English midfielder is also an excellent footballer who can be used by Klopp in the attacking line. He already scored many goals for his team in England.
9. Mane
The French player is another excellent footballer of the Liverpool. He became a leader of the attack and scored a large number of goals.
10. FirGA
The Greek player is also another excellent player of the Reds. He came to the team from the Greek national team and is a leader in the team as well.
11. FirMin
The Belgian player is one of Klopp’s favorite players. He comes from a good family and is very talented. He started his career in the youth team of the Royal club of Belgium.
12. FirThe
The Moroccan player is very strong and can play in the center of the pitch. He showed himself in the national team of his country.
13. FirSaracen
The Tunisian player can also become a good addition to Klopp�
14. FirLarsson
The Swedish player is able play on both flanks and can become a leader for the attack as well as a good goalkeeper.
15. FirCoutinho
The Portuguese player is still young and can show himself in a number positions.
16. FirGibbs
The American player is already a good footballer and can help Klopp in attacking line as well
17. FirNaby
The Nigerian player is not yet a leader, but he can become one in the near future.
18. FirKlopp
The German player is Klopp”s favorite player and can really help the club in the upcoming season.
19. FirRivas
The Colombian player is ready to become a great leader of Liverpool.
20. FirBorini
The Italian player is in the squad and can do a good job in the defense.
All these players will help Klopp to make the team even stronger and will help him to win trophies.
You can always follow the news about the team on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the latest information about the club and its players.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the season is the struggle for the champion title. The previous season, Liverpool was the favorite of the championship, but the team lost to Manchester City.
However, the team is not going down easily. The main favorites of the upcoming championship are:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Tottenham.
These teams are the main favorites, but Liverpool is not the only team in this fight.
There are a lot more teams that are also interested in the title. This is the main intrigue for fans of the English Premier League.

The new season of the Champions League starts in a few weeks. It will be very interesting to see how the teams will play.
Live Results of Football Matches
The Champions League is the most popular tournament in the world. It is the tournament that is held every year. This tournament is the best in terms of popularity, and it is also the most expensive.
This year, the tournament is held in the summer, and the main contenders for the victory are: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool. Each of these teams has a very strong lineup.

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