PTG on the next match of the season.
The team is now playing against the team of the second place of the standings, which is the same as the team from the city of Zagreb. The team is playing with the following lineup:
* Matej Vrsalj;
* Ivan Rakitić;

* Luka Modric.
All three players have already played in the national team, which means that they have already become familiar with the game of the team and the tactics of the opponents.

The game of this team is very important, because it is the team that is expected to win the national championship. It is also worth noting that the team is quite close to the leaders of the championship, which makes it possible to count on the victory in the next stage of the tournament.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the Primorje team on the website of sports statistics.
Live Results of Primorjna matches
The Primorja team is one of the main favorites of the national championships. The club has a long history of winning the national title, which began in the 1990s.
In the last season, the team managed to win it for the third time. The previous two times it was the team’s rivals who lost the title. This time, the Primorska team is not far behind.
It is worth noting, however, that the club has not been able to win many trophies in the past. This is mainly due to the fact that it was not able to play in the Champions League.
However, this season the Primory team is ready to play at the highest level. The main advantage of the club is the fact, that it has a stable lineup, which allows it to play against the opponents who are far from the Champions league.
This season, Primory will be playing against:
· “Espanyol”;
· “Rangers”.
Both teams are considered as the main contenders for the victory of the title of the strongest team in the country.
What to Expect from the Next Match
It has already been said that the Primories are quite close in the standings. This means that the clubs have a good chance of winning it. The next match will be very important for the club, because the team will play against “Athletic Bilbao”, which has a good lineup and is also one of its main rivals.
At the moment, the club of Bilbís is playing against ‘Real Sociedad’. The game of “Bilbés” is very interesting, because this team has the following players in its lineup:
· Mateo Kovacic;
• Luka Jovic;
● Dani Carvajal;
All of them have already won the national champion title.
Also, the players of the “Real Soc” are quite capable of winning another one. The following players of ‘Ath’ are also playing well in the team:
1. Sergio Ramos;
2. Marcelo;
3. David Villa.
If the team manages to win, it will be the third victory of this club in a row.
There are a lot of matches ahead, so it is very likely that the results will be quite close. You can always keep track of the results on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find only reliable information, which will allow you to be one step ahead of others.
Football Results at 777score
The football season is in full swing, which can be seen on the field. This year, the main event is the Champions’ League, which promises to be exciting.
One of the most anticipated matches is the match between “PSV” and “Barcelona” in the first round. The match is scheduled for May 8.
“Barça” has a very good lineup, and it is capable of playing against any opponent. The most likely opponents are:
• Bayern;
• “Atletico”
‘Barça’ has a really good chance to win this match, because “Bayern” will be a real threat to the team.
Another match that will be extremely interesting is the game between ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Atletico’. The team of Diego Simeone is very capable of defeating ‘Atl’ and will be able to take the first place of this tournament. The Spanish coach is confident about the outcome of this match.
As for the rest of the games, they will be interesting, too. The Champions League will be played, and there is a good possibility that the favorites will be defeated.
Main Intrigues of the Season
This year, there are a number of intriguing matches that will decide the fate of the Champions’ League. Among the main intrigues are: 1. ‘PSV-Barcelona’. This is a match that is extremely important for both teams. The ‘Red’s’ have a very strong lineup, but this season they are not able yet to play with the leaders.

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