This is why Spurs should sign Costa

The Portuguese is a player who can be a great addition to any team. He is a good player, who can do a lot of things, and can be used in various ways. However, the main thing is that he is a great player, and is a real star in the world of football. The main problem of the team […]

The new Man U kits have been released

The new Man U kits have been released and the fans can now see the new look of the team. The new look has been created by the famous Italian designer Gianni Brera. The Man U kit is a combination of the traditional red and yellow colors, which will be very effective in the context of the new season. The […]

Koscielny can’t play against West Ham

The match against West ham was not a success for the team. The game was not really interesting for the fans. The match was not even interesting for Koscielniak. The goalkeeper was tired of playing against the team of his coach. He tried to get some rest but he couldn’t do it. After the game, the coach of the team, […]

New kits for Arsenal and Chelsea

Arsenal and Chelsea have both recently been in the news for their poor form. The Gunners have been in a slump for a long time, while the Blues have been rather disappointing for a number of seasons. However, both teams are now in the midst of a crisis and the situation is very serious. The team’s current form is a […]

There are two new kits for the new season

There are two new kits for the new season, and they’re both quite good. The first is the new “Caps”, which is a new style of the team. It’s a combination of the classic “red” and “blue”. It has a good mix of both players, and it’ll be very interesting to watch the new lineup. The second new kit is […]

What Liverpool fans can expect from the new kit

Liverpool has a new kit, and it’s not what you’d expect from a club that’ll be competing for the title for the next few years. The new Liverpool kit is a combination of several different elements. The first is the main feature: the red and yellow stripes. This is the same colour scheme that the Reds have used for a […]

The new Liverpool kit is already out

The new Liverpool kit is already out and the players are showing their usual cool. The team is still not at the level of Manchester United, but it is already clear that the Reds are not going to be left behind. The team has a number of new players who will help the team in the future. Here is a […]

Real Madrid rejects Morata

Real Madrid rejects Morata’s transfer, but the situation is not yet resolved The situation in the Real Madrid team is not very bright, because the players are not able to demonstrate their maximum. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The team was very active during the last season, but it was not able, due to the lack motivation, […]

Chelsea vs Leicester: Live stream, TV channel, team news and prediction

The fight for the champion title is about to begin. The first matches of the season have already shown that the Leicester team is not going to give up. The team is in good shape and is ready to fight for gold medals. The team has a good lineup, which can be called “standard”. The main striker is Riyad Mahrez. […]